The farmers’ market moves to Lorin district

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Shoppers at the Tuesday Farmers’ Market. Photo: Nancy Rubin

The Tuesday Berkeley Farmers’ Market moved to its new location at Adeline and 63rd Street in the Lorin District yesterday and the new spot drew the market’s biggest crowd of the year, according to Ben Feldman, the market manager for the Ecology Center.

While 2,000 to 2,500 people generally come to the Tuesday market during the summer months, hourly counts on July 10 indicated that numbers were higher than that, he said. And the crowd appeared more ethnically diverse, too.

“Our customer counts indicated that this was the busiest market all year,” said Feldman. “It certainly seemed that our turnout for the market yesterday was a more diverse crowd. We had a lot of new faces that our vendors didn’t recognize. We had a lot of our old standbys, too, like people from restaurants.”

The Ecology Center, which ran the market at Derby Street and MLK for 25 years, made the move to the Lorin district to increase the availability of fresh food to areas that lack a major grocery store. The new location is right on the border between Berkeley and Oakland.

The Ecology Center did extensive outreach to both Berkeley and Oakland to tell people about the market’s new location, said Feldman.

Nancy Rubin captured these moments at the market.

Shopping at the market. Photo: Nancy Rubin

Tasting at the Farmers Market. Photo: Nancy Rubin

Summer flowers. Photo: Nancy Rubin